Toomies Bath Barista Toomies Toomies Bath Barista Toomies
Toomies Bath Barista $31.00
Bring your favourite coffee chain to bath time with the Bath Barista from Toomies. Just like grown-ups, little ones can experience the fun of the café for themselves. There’ll be hours of chat and fun in the bath as they brew their very own make-believe cappuccinos. The fun starts at the top: on the left is a spinner they can set in motion simply by pouring water with the smiley-faced jug provided. Place a cup under the filter and give the yellow handle a twist to serve up a classic cup of Joe! Up top on the right is the handy foamer. Lift the lid, add in some bubble bath and water, then start pumping the yellow plunger to create oodles of frothy bubbles! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Turn the yellow dial and see the creamy foam plop, plop, plop into the cup below. It’s a foam-accino! Add a finishing touch with the shaker: the colourful hundreds and thousands won’t escape, but water sprinkles will! Included are 3 cups and a jug and there’s a handy storage space on the left where they can all stack. The entire set fits easily to wall tiles, bath sides and any smooth surface thanks to suction pads at the back. Bath Barista is brought to you by the makers of the bestselling Foam Cone Factory and Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen, all part of the Toomies role play range of bath time toys. Bath Barista encourages collaborative, imaginative play, enhances communication skills, refines fine motor skills and helps children explore cause and effect. Drain after use and leave to air dry. Clean regularly by rinsing thoroughly with anti-bacterial or sterilising solution. No batteries required. Suitable for children 18 months and over. • Just add soap and water: Create make-believe cappuccinos for instant coffee-making fun!• Café role play: Brimming with dials, levers, shakers and spinners, fill the jug and cups to keep those orders coming!• Froth it up: Pump action frother allows you to top your brew at the twist of a button; sprinkler adds a finishing touch.• Perfect for little hands: This tub-side toy builds confidence around water, boosting fine motor skills as children explore cause and effect.• Chat over a cuppa: Ideal for storytelling fun at bath time, capture your children’s imagination as they learn to share and communicate.
Tomy Toomies Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen Toomies Tomy Toomies Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen Toomies
Tomy Toomies Bubble & ... $31.00
Description With the Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen from Toomies kids can step into the tub and into the kitchen all at once! They can make believe they’re cooking up a mouth-watering feast with a versatile oven/hob cooker combination and a kitchen sink with working tap! Using the suction pads that cling to the bath or to any tiled surface, you can lock the two units together as one or set up each one separately – ideal if two children want to share or do their own thing at opposite ends of the tub. Colourful cookware includes a pan that doubles as a water pourer. Place it on the hob, add some water and pump the yellow button… look inside and you’ll see bubbles rising for a simmering effect. Add a few drops of bubble bath (not included) and send thousands of bubbles ‘boiling’ over the top! There’s a ladle for scooping and stirring, plus a pie dish that slides in past the oven door. Give your pan a quarter turn and the water runs through to the oven to send the pie dish spinning! When it’s washing up time, empty your dishes in the sink, pump the handle… water flows from the tap! Turn the plug and the sink empties straight into the bath, plus there are hooks to hang ladle and pan to drip dry. It’s neat, tidy and oh-so-real! The Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen fosters imaginative, collaborative role play and develops your children’s communication skills. The set helps refine their motor skills as they explore the links between cause and effect, learn to share and become more confident around water. Always drain after use and leave to air dry. No batteries required. Suitable for children 18 months and over. • Bubble ‘n’ squeak: Bring all the fun of the kitchen into the bath tub with this clever 2-in-1 play set that lets little ones pretend they’re cooking up a feast.• Sink or simmer: Includes a sink unit with working pump-action tap, plus an oven-and-hob combination. Mount each individually or lock together to encourage sharing and cooperative play.• Just add water: Pop the pot on the hob and pump the yellow button to see bubbles appear. Add bubble bath to send foam spilling over the top!• Pour and spin: Place the pie dish in the oven, twist the pot up top to send the water pouring down into the oven, and watch as it sets the pie dish spinning!• Winning combination: Imaginative role play builds confidence in water, fosters interaction and promotes communication skills. Kids can explore cause and effect and develop Age Suitability: 18 Months +
Gabby's Dollhouse Gabby Girl Cat Bath Squirters Gabby's Dollhouse Gabby's Dollhouse Gabby Girl Cat Bath Squirters Gabby's Dollhouse
Gabby's Dollhouse
Gabby's Dollhouse Gabb... $14.00
Splash into bath time fun with Gabby's Dollhouse Gabby Girl Cat Bath Squirters! These playful and quirky cat-themed squirters will make bath time a blast for your little one. Watch as they giggle and squeal while squeezing the colorful squirters, adding an extra level of entertainment to their bath time routine. Get your paws on these delightful bath toys today! Age Suitability: 3 Years +
In The Night Garden Igglepiggle's Bath-time Lightshow Boat In the Night Garden In The Night Garden Igglepiggle's Bath-time Lightshow Boat In the Night Garden
In the Night Garden
In The Night Garden Ig... $27.00
Fans of the much-loved TV show, In the Night Garden will love Igglepiggle’ s light show bath-time boat. The amazing colourful lights illuminate the bottom of the bath with three different coloured lad's and ever changing light-up pattern to help make bath-time peaceful and soothing ahead of that all-important bedtime routine. Igglepiggle can be detached from the boat and comes in two sections that can be used as pouring cups for fun water play. The foam shape sorting blocks are perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and can be placed within the corresponding shapes in the boat, aiding fine motor skills and shape recognition. They float too For even more fun. suitable from 12 months Age Suitability: 18 Months +
Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid 46cm in Gift Box Baby Born Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid 46cm in Gift Box Baby Born
Baby Born
Baby Born Little Siste... $45.00
BABY born Little Sister Mermaid is the majestic princess of the seas – but she’s also a great bathtime buddy! Perfect for children aged three and above, this magical mermaid really swims when she’s placed in water! Your child will watch in awe as her rainbow-coloured tail swishes up and down and she moves through the tub. After all that swimming, she’ll need her long, flowing pink hair combing! It can be styled however your child chooses with her tiara and comb! Bathtime just got that little bit more magical! A magical mermaid who makes the perfect bathtime buddy! With real swishing tail and gorgeous long hair to be styled. Each 46cm doll comes with a tiara and shell-shaped comb. Suitable for children aged 3+. Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Item no: 833681 Comes in 100% plastic free and fully recyclable, fuss-free packaging.
Baby Born My First Swim Girl 30cm Doll Baby Born Baby Born My First Swim Girl 30cm Doll Baby Born
Baby Born
Baby Born My First Swi... $27.00
Little ones will have so much fun with the BABY born My First Swim Girl! Suitable for children aged 1+ this adorable doll has a wind-up mechanism to help her swim in water. Simply wind her arms backwards and watch as she swims front crawl or butterfly when her arms are released. It's the perfect doll for splashing in the bath, paddling pool or even in the swimming pool on holiday! 30cm doll with fixed swimming costume and hat, both with cute duck print. Suitable for children aged 1+. No batteries required! • The perfect doll for water play fun.• Wind up her arms and watch her swim!• Ideal for the bath, paddling pool or going on holiday. • Includes fixed costume and hat. • Suitable for children aged 1+. • No batteries required!• 30cm doll.
Hey Duggee Lightshow River Boat Hey Duggee Hey Duggee Lightshow River Boat Hey Duggee
Hey Duggee
Hey Duggee Lightshow R... $32.00
With the Hey Duggee Lightshow River Boat, it’s “A-Woof, woof” and anchors aweigh! The ever-popular CBeebies star sits in a boat that really floats – and more! Click a switch and this beautiful Toy starts to shine gentle lights into the water… A light show in your bathtub! For added value, you can Duggee out of his cabin: he’s a stackable scoop and pourer for classic water play. Age 3 years plus • UNDERWATER LIGHT SHOW: Watch Duggee in his boat float around the bath with a magical underwater light show• SCOOP AND POUR WATER: Take Duggee out of the boat and he becomes a scoop and pourer• STACKABLE Duggee Character• THE BOAT IS BRIGHT AND COLOURFUL: Squirrels are printed on the side of the Boat Age Suitability: 3 Years +





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